General Information

Main facts

Non-governmental Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Russian New University” (RosNOU) was founded in 1991. RosNOU has the status of a classical university.

RosNOU was created by graduates from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Their aim was to create a new model for university, with teaching and development of science comparable to the legendary “Phystech”, without neglecting the development of liberal education. Head of the University and one of its founders is Professor and Doctor of Science Vladimir A. Zernov, Chairman of the Russian Non-governmental Academies Association.

Famous physicist, member of the Academia Europaea, Professor Sergey P. Kapitsa, vice president of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences was a scientific adviser in Russian New University from 1999 to 2012.

Today the university has 21 scientific schools and 6 patented scientific works. The All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Civilization of Knowledge” takes place every year – it has its own technology park. RosNOU publishes such scientific magazines as “Vestnik RosNOU” (RosNOU Messenger), “Spetstechnika i Svyaz” (Special Purpose Machinery & Communication) as well as the English scientific magazine “Cardiometry”.

25,000 people have been trained at the university, 1100 of them are foreign students.

In 2012 and 2013 RosNOU was included in Top 100 best universities of Russia according to the data given by the Rating Agency “Expert RA”. RosNOU became the only non-state higher education institution included on the list “Top 200” conducted by the National University Rating.

RosNOU was declared an effective university according to the results of the annual monitoring, made by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.


Students have been trained in compliance with 60 syllabuses of higher vocational education at the following departments:

  • Department of Information Systems and Computer Technologies;
  • Department of Humanities;
  • Department of Business-technologies in Tourist and Travel Industry;
  • Finance, Management and Economics Department;
  • Department of Law;
  • Department of Psychology and Pedagogics;
  • Department of Industrial Management.

Applicants can apply to the 44 bachelor, master, and specialist programs. 16 programs which were abolished after Russia joined the Bologna system are available to transfer students.

RosNOU gives applicants and students an opportunity to choose the most suitable form of studying: full-time, part-time, and extramural courses are available.

Students interested in part-time education can choose the weekend course. The extramural education is carried out not only in traditional form but also online. RosNOU has the License of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation to carry out distance education in full form.

18 branches and 25 territorial centers of the access to the electronic informational and educational resources represent the university in the Russian regions.

RosNOU College and the colleges of the RosNOU’s affiliates give an opportunity to receive secondary professional education.

Student life

RosNOU has its own dormitory and its own Endoecology Medical Center. Also the university has the Student Union, Students’ Scientific Society, Theater and Music Schools, Sports Clubs. RosNOU KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive) team is one of the leading university teams in KVN in Moscow. Every year the university organizes such events as the “Miss RosNOU” and “Mr RosNOU” contests, the Festival of Arts, the Nations’ Friendship Day, the intellectual game “What? Where? When?”, the initiation of the first-year students, and the dance festival.

The students of RosNOU take part in various sports competitions, in the competitions of Spartakiade of Moscow universities, and in Moscow student games. RosNOU students have won first-place in interuniversity competitions for such sports as freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman, karate, taekwondo, table tennis, swimming, darts, arm wrestling, athletics and cross country running.

University Location

RosNOU is situated in the center of Moscow in the Basmanny District, previously occupied by the German Quarter. Many universities and research institutes are situated near RosNOU. Additionally, more than 30 cathedrals and churches, Lefortovo Palace, Sovremennik Theatre, the Centre for Contemporary Art “Gogol-Centre”, Vladimir Mayakovsky Museum are located in this district. Moreover, the University is located just two tube stations away from the Moscow’s most famous tourist attractions, such as Kremlin and Red Square, St. Basil’s and Christ the Savior Cathedrals, Tretyakov Art Gallery and Pushkin Historical Museum, what gives our students unprecedented and unique opportunity to discover most symbolic elements of Russian culture.

The building in which RosNOU abides located at 22 Radio Street, has a unique history. One of history’s greatest engineers and aircraft designers, Andrei Nikolayevich Tupolev, worked to develop a civil aircraft fleet and air force in the very same building where RosNOU’s students study today. Under Tupolev’s leadership, more than 100 types of aircraft were designed, thereby setting 78 world records. The Central Design Bureau was headquartered among the many buildings located on Radio St., near RosNOU, which were built from 1925–1934 in late Constructivism style.

7 Reasons to study at RosNOU

– Convenience

  • RosNOU is situated in the center of Moscow. You can get to the university by any means of public transport;
  • The university has its own comfortable dormitory, located nearby campus.

– Support

The RosNOU Foreign Students Office is always happy to assist students in maintaining their legal status in the Russian Federation and adapting themselves to the novelties of living in Russia.

– Affordable prices

The classical course at the Foundation Studies Department (10 months) costs from 60 000 to 84 000 rubles* (approximately 1100–1530 USD**)

The cost of one year of study at RosNOU varies from 65 000 rubles* (1200 USD**) to 126 250 rubles* (2300 USD**)

* — the cost of the 2014–2015 academic year
** — the cost in USD depends on the current exchange rate

– High quality of education

The main factor that distinguishes RosNOU from its competitors is the combination of high professionalism of its academic and teaching staff and the excellent logistic support of the education process. 72% of the teaching staff at RosNOU hold various scientific degrees. Moreover, the university has considerable experience training international students. It also has dozens of multimedia classrooms equipped with computers.

– Safety & health care

  • Apart from security officers at the entrance to the university building and residence hall, RosNOU has an ID Card system to ensure the safety of its students and employees;
  • The Foreign Students Office assists students in obtaining medical insurance to cover the cost of unforseen emergency services, urgent traumatological aid, and hospitalization.

– Extra-curricular activities

RosNOU encourages students to develop their individual talents and to lead active lives. There are a variety of extra-curricular activities to fit any taste: Drama Club, Dance School, Singing Studio, and Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-Witted (KVN Club). The University holds annual competitions “Miss RosNOU” and “Mr. RosNOU”, Arts Festival, and the “What? Where? When?” tournament. Additionally, RosNOU celebrates the Peoples’ Friendship Day and organizes a number of other student events.

The Foundation Studies Department puts emphasis on familiarizing international students with Russian culture. It arranges sight-seeing tours around Moscow and the Moscow region, visits to museums and theatres, as well as various sports events.

– Warm & friendly environment

RosNOU is dedicated to its students and constantly seeks to encourage their flourishing. RosNOU welcomes all students and makes efforts to ensure that they enjoy the entirety of their stay with us. Here at RosNOU you will find that teachers and students alike are helpful, friendly, and warm-spirited. Russians are known for their hospitality — come and see for yourself!

Famous people about RosNOU

“RosNou was founded by the leading Russian scientists. And nowadays the basis of University’s achievements stems from the commitment of highly professional faculty members, strong educational and methodological framework, and the aspiration to implement the most advanced scientific achievements and contemporary education technologies.”

– President of Russian Federation Putin V.

“Russian New University is one of the leading non-governmental universities in the country. Graduates of the University become experts in humanitarian and social sciences, as well as in physics and mathematics. Moreover, in RosNou the combination of classic education and innovative methods (including distance learning) is successfully applied on practice.”

– Prime Minister of Russian Federation Medvedev D.

“RosNou – is that kind of university that follows the spirit of the times. It prepares specialists who will be in-demand through their whole life.”

– Education and Science Minister of Russian Federation Fursenko A.

“RosNou has successfully adopted the educational system invented in Physical-Technical Institute, which attracts proactive working people. They can give you knowledge that is highly effective and is not easily forgotten. With such intensions people come to Russian New University.”

– Russian physicist and demographer Kapitsa S.

“Are non-governmental universities able to provide students with the same effective education that is provided in leading governmental universities? Yes they are, RosNou for instance.”

– President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Fortov V.

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