10 points concerning the hostel of RosNOU

April 8, 2009

Only a few higher education institutions in Moscow can provide their students with a hostel. RosNOU is one of them. RosNOU students are lucky to have an opportunity of dwelling in a very good new hostel of the University.

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To earn 35 millions is an achievable goal

April 23, 2009
The Russian New University starts an innovation project Nanobusiness. The idea of the project is a rapid advancement of the major scientific breakthrough developed by researchers of the Carbon Nanomaterials Laboratory of RosNOU, namely nanotubes. The International Nanotechnology Forum Nanoforum declared that nanotubes, developed in RosNOU, are among the purest materials in the world.
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Andrey Pavlovich Chuzhakin Met RosNOU Students

April 28, 2009

A meeting with Andrey Pavlovich Chuzhakin, one of the leading international interpreters was held at RosNOU.

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