Once again we proved the concept of tolerance to be productive

June 10, 2010

On May 27, the event known as a "Farewell Bell" for the College of CIS graduates was held in the RosNOU Malachite Hall. After the ceremony Alexander Zamula, director of the College of CIS, was interviewed by the RosNOU Site editorial team.

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UTR and RosNOU are on friendly terms cooperating closely and we are very enthusiastic about it

June 7, 2010

At the turn of May 2010, RosNOU hosted the Union of Translators of Russia (UTR) conference. Translators from all over Russia came to Moscow on May 27 30 to take part in this event. RosNOU also provided its premises for FIT (Federation internationale des traducteurs) to hold its session. It was for the first time in its history that FIT held its session in Russia.

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Our fellow students abroad

June 22, 2010

A Report on the First Congress of Scientists-expatriots in Berlin

Many scientists, our former compatriots, who by a twist of fate found themselves in foreign research laboratories and universities during the period of Perestroika, came to Berlin in the third decade of May to take part in the Congress, which was held there. They arrived enthusiastic and cheerful, full of scientific ideas and prospective proposals for us, those who didnt leave Russia. Now they are working both in Australia and New Zealand, in the USA and Canada, in Japan and the European countries as well as in Russia. There were about 250 participants, because the Congress Centre of the Hotel Palace was too small to host more people.

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