RosNOU and Enigmatic Iran

April 24, 2015

On April 23, 2015, Russian New University (RosNOU) arranged a special evening of literature and music called Enigmatic Iran. Below you can find some information about this event full of findings, impressions and magical atmosphere.

Anthems of both countries were heard announcing the official beginning of the event in RosNOU Malachite Hall.

The welcome speech was made by Dr. Reza Maleki, the adviser in the cultural issues, the Head of the Cultural Representative Office of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Russian Federation. Expressing his appreciation of RosNOU Management for fruitful collaboration and for the evening arrangement, the attaché for cultural relations recalled that one of the Persian literature giants, Saadi, is honoured these days.

Mr. Maleki added that rich culture, history and national identity of both nations: Iranian and Russian, would contribute to development of prosperous interaction of the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The event special guests were Hodzhatolla Rahman, Council General, Hamid Zangane, First Secretary, and Seyed Hosein Tabatabay, Attaché for Cultural Relations.

The close rapport and fruitful collaboration of Russian New University and Iran has been lasting for more than 10 years.

With the support of Cultural Department of Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, RosNOU opened Iranian Culture and Persian Language Studying center in September 2014. The Head of the center, Dr. Elahi Ahmadreza, made an opening speech at the evening of literature and music.

In addition and within the scope of this event, there was presented a documentary movie depicting Iran, and some poems by Persian poets were cited by the teachers and students of Russian New University. Iran: known and unknown facts quiz was very informational. The winners of this quiz were awarded with some keepsakes from RosNOU.

A makeshift exhibition introducing the guests to Iranian cuisine and crafts, as well as allowing visitors talk with each other in informal surroundings was arranged in the lounge of the university.

The cultural program was very extensive and authentic. One of the most outstanding impressions was made with the performance of Iranian folk group called Mehrebanan that means KIND in Persian. The musicians sang some songs, played drums and national musical instruments: nei (folk woodwind musical instrument like flute), tombak (bowl-shaped drum), and daf (Persian percussion musical instrument like a tumbrel; one of the rare musical instruments with its ancient shape maintained).

Economic, political and social issues were also paid attention to. Nikita Smagin, RosNOU Masters student, who took training in the affiliate of Islamic Azad University at Kish Island, told about the educational policy of the Republic.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is, without any doubts, an extraordinary country, and it is sure to be one of the most enigmatic lands. If you are fond of such things, you need to visit this place. Or if you have to choose your future profession, you should think thoroughly: perhaps, its high time to start studying Farsi and international communications?! Such specialists become more and more sought in Russia; their work is very prestigious and highly-paid.

خدا حافظ, i.e. Good Bye!

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