Russian Largest Private University Welcomed Iranian Language

May 20, 2015

Moscow. May 19, 2015. The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA). The Head of the Iranian Culture and Persian Language center of RosNOU, the Russian largest private university, announced about warm welcome and students interest in learning Persian language and being familiar with Iranian culture.

The Persian language was heartily welcomed in the Russian largest private university.

On Saturday, in the course of conversation with IRNA correspondent, Ahamadreza Elahi noticed: Although the Iranian Culture and Persian Language center has been started running in RosNOU recently, the first group of Russian students willing to study the Persian language has already been accepted, and the educational programs of the center has been perceived enthusiastically.

He explained that the Center trained bachelors, masters and postgraduates, besides, the Center proposed some short-term courses: Currently, the Center works with 10 students: bachelors, masters and postgraduates, and 20 more students are studying the Persian language at the short-term courses.

Expressing his appreciation to Mr. Mehdi Sanaei, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Russia, and to the Cultural Representative Office of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Elahi mentioned: The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran helped a lot to equip the Iranian Culture and Persian Language center in RosNOU. It has provided the Center with course books, educational booklets, disks for Persian language study, computers and technical means.

He said: Basing on the existing memorandum of understanding among Russian New University and the Islamic Azad University in Tehran, Russian students will visit Iran for a short-term training in the Iranian language.

Then, Mr. Elakhi mentioned the significance of development of cultural relations and cooperation between Russia and Iran, indicating: To increase the political, scientific, educational, academic, touristic and commercial communications between these two countries we need good infrastructure, and the critical part of this infrastructure of the bilateral relations is the awareness of people of these two countries about each other.

Due to contributions of Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Russian Federation and the Cultural Representative Office in Moscow, the Iranian Culture and Persian Language center has become more distributed and at the present moment such centers are launched in approximately 20 universities.

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