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The Foundation Studies Department welcomes international students who have decided to study in Russia and perfect their knowledge and understanding of the Russian language. Since its founding in 2003, the Department has trained more than 1100 foreign students from about 30 countries, has gained considerable experience working with foreign students, and has become one of the leading centers in Russia for pre-university preparation of foreign nationals.

The Foundation Studies Department sees its mission as providing students with a firm base of Russian language skills and a clearer idea of where they want to go next in their studies, be they at RosNOU or any other Russian university or college. The following aspects of the Foundation Studies Department help to accomplish this mission:

  • experienced teaching staff the department's professors and tutors have many years' experience working with international students and are thus able to appeal to the various needs of different students; their knowledge of foreign languages facilitates the educational process from the very beginning;
  • excellent logistic support the department uses cutting-edge grammar and vocabulary textbooks; additionally students may take advantage of the department's manifold of computer and multimedia classrooms);
  • various extra-curricular activities* the department oversees sight-seeing tours, visits to museums and theaters, and sports events. The department also encourages interaction between foreign and Russian students in order to further promote both the learning of the Russian language as well as the immersion into Russian culture in a carefree manner.

* - The price of extra-curricular activities is not included in the tuition fee

Located within the Foundation Studies Department at RosNOU is the Center of the State Testing on Russian as a Foreign Language for Citizens of Foreign Countries. The Center conducts three types of tests:

  • a test to assess students' knowledge of Russian as a foreign language;
  • a test for obtaining RF citizenship;
  • a test for migrant workers.

All students of the Foundation Studies Department are provided with visa support, assistance with both migrant registration and the obtainment of medical insurance, as well as a room in the university's dormitory.

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At the Foundation Studies Department students study not only the Russian language but also other subjects such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, economics, geography etc. The Russian language is the core unit of the one-year preparatory program. The other subjects offered differ, according to the student's chosen field of study. Particular attention is paid to the scientific style of speech.

Fields of StudySubjects
TechnicalRussian, Mathematics, Physics, Computer science, Computer Graphics, Country Studies
EconomicRussian, Mathematics, Basic Science, Basic Economics, Economic Geography, Regional Geography, Country Studies
Medical & BiologicalRussian, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Country Studies
HumanitiesRussian, Literature, Geography, Cultural Studies, English Language, Country Studies

Duration of the classical academic program is 10 months (September June, up to 1,100 academic hours).

Additionally, RosNOU has other programs for international students:

  • weekend and evening courses of Russian as a foreign language (1015 months, 68 academic hours a week)
  • intensive course of Russian as a Foreign language (140420 hours, 13 months, a group of 46 students)
  • individual program (private lessons)

Upon graduation from the Foundation Studies Department, students receive a certificate from RosNOU.

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