Dear friends,

I am happy to welcome you on the website of RosNOU Russian New University.

Our University has just celebrated its twentieth anniversary as a classical university in form, content and level of the educational process organization. Educational concept of RosNOU is based on principles of open, universal, developing and innovative knowledge. Russian New University is a worthy successor to the best traditions in Russian education, its activities greatly enhance prestige of the educational system in Russia and it justly ranks high among higher education institutions of our country.

RosNOU is open to demands of the global market of educational services and tries its best to meet them in due time. We understand that existence of a modern university is impossible without international cooperation and integration into the global educational and scientific-research sphere. That is why Russian New University set a course for active fulfilling of the Bologna declaration stipulations.

RosNOU efficiently reacts to rapidly changing needs of the modern global community and actively developing Russia opening new specialties and specializations that are in demand all over the world. Professors of Russian New University take a great interest in new educational technologies developing in other countries of the world and actively fulfill the most interesting of them at the University training a new generation of highly qualified specialists capable of competing at the global labor market.

Academic staff at Russian New University includes famous Russian scientists, founders of scientific schools and new scientific and scientific-practical directions. There are members and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, State Prize winners, 52 Professors, Doctors of Science and more than 200 Candidates of Science at RosNOU.

Russian New University provides ample opportunities to get higher education, different forms of re-education in various spheres of fundamental knowledge and practical activities, carries out serious scientific-research work, takes active part in social and political life of our country. At our University students may get second higher education. There are also master and postgraduate programs in a number of popular specialties at RosNOU.

Russian New University strives to become a center of international educational and scientific ties. The Universitys international activities are determined by its educational concept and we view international cooperation as a factor of successful development. The University maintains close scientific, educational and business contacts with a number of leading educational institutions in Europe, Asia, USA and Latin America.

For those who have difficulties with acquiring the Russian language we offer a course of pre-university preparation at the Foundation Studies Department. Experienced professors will not only teach you the Russian language but will also help you to enter Russian educational and cultural sphere and become your companions and mentors during the whole training at the University.

Studying at RosNOU you will make many friends from Russia and other countries. Merry student festivals, exciting excursions, visits to theatres, concerts and museums, sports events, and participation in student artistic associations await you.

You are always welcome in RosNOU.

Vladimir Zernov,

the Rector

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