Scientific Research

RosNOU scientists are the authors of 3 scientific discoveries in the health care sphere and of about 30 inventions in nanotechnology, power engineering, and medical technologies.

The fundamental discovery Mechanisms of arterial pressure waves spread with blood vessels, made by Alekseev V.B., Zernov V.A., Matsuk S.A., Rudenko Y.M., the basic operating principle for the unique apparatus called Kardiokord. The apparatus predicts myocardial infarction half a year ahead of its actual strike and stroke two months ahead.

Another discovery made in the health care sphere was made by Stupakov G.P., Sherbinina N.V., Semenov B.F., Rolik I.S. The scientists called it Mechanisms involved in chronic diseases development with human organs and systems. The essence of the method is to treat some chronic diseases as products of microbe and viral intoxication.

One can take a treatment course and improve his physical being at RosNOU Centre of Health Preserving Technologies.

The Head of RosNOU Scientific Centre Endo-ecology, Professor Levin Y.M., is the author of a new of field of medical science endo-ecological rehabilitation. He developed effective methods of one day medical treatment and health improvement.

RosNOU Vice-rector, Professor Minaev V.A. and Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Fadeev A.O. have developed methods of estimation and forecasting geo-ecological catastrophes (earthquakes, landslips and so on).

The Director of RosNOU Security Systems and Technology Institute, Professor Dvoryankin S.V. is the co-author of two inventions: the intellectual security server and the technology of video imagestransmission with unstable communication channels. 

The Vice Director of the Institute V.P. Khrenov discovered laws of prime numbers formation, the problem he was the first to solve since the ancient times.

IT specialists of RosNOU have developed the University corporate information system Vector and the e-education system for the University branches. Microsoft and Croc companies are the University strategic partners in further improvement of the corporate information system Vector.

RosNOU Scientific and Innovation Division is the owner of inventions in nanotechnology and power engineering. Our scholars invented and developed:

  • Method of DNA introduction into vegetable and animal cells by means of carbonic nanotubes
  • Sizing compositions containing nanotubes that add to sizing capacity; the composition can be used to size Teflon
  • Production technology of nanotubes containing fibers for industrial needs (for military production, tyre production and some others)
  • Composition of nanomembranes, catalysts, nanometers, nanosensors, bio- and chemical meters to purify liquid and gas media
  • Production technology of wind energy panels. A part of energy consumed by RosNOU is produced at its own wind energy plant.
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