International student support & formalitites

The Foreign Students Office of the International Affairs & Academic Mobility Directorate at RosNOU assists students in processing legal documents required to obtain an invitation for studies and multiple entry visa and carrying out migration registration if the student provides the documents established by the Law On the legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation.

To obtain a legal invitation (visa support) the student needs to submit to the Foreign Students Office the following information in writing:

  •  Name, surname, patronymic name (if there is one) in full, just as they are written in the passport
  •  Date of birth
  •  Place of birth
  •  Citizenship
  •  Country of residence
  •  Passport number
  •  Date of issue and date of expiry of the passport; the passport is to be valid for no less than 18 months
  •  Place of study
  •  Address of the place of study
  •  Period of stay in Russia
  •  Place of issue of visa
  •  Facsimile or scanned copy of the passport.

The procedure of issuing an invitation takes at least 21 working days.

Migration registration

A foreign citizen is obliged to register within seven days as from the day of arrival in the Russian Federation. The documents are to be submitted to the Foreign Students Office at RosNOU the next day after arrival. Public authorities impose administrative penalty for late submission of documents. On August 9, 2013 amendments to the Federal Law On the legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation came into effect. The amendments provide for increase in administrative penalty amount and for administrative deportation.

Citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Ukraine do not need a visa to come to Russia. However, it is necessary for students from these countries to apply to the Foreign Students Office for carrying out migration registration at the place of study in the territorial subdivision of the federal executive body.

Citizens, who have entered the Russian Federation on the ground of a visa, also have to submit documents for primary migration registration for the period of visa validity to the Foreign Students Office. Fifteen days before the expire date of the visa (single or multiple entry) foreign students are to come to the Foreign Students Office to extend the current visa.

To register or extend the period of stay / current visa students need to provide the Foreign Students Office with:

  •  passport
  •  visa
  •  migration card with the stamp of crossing the border of the Russian Federation
  •  1 photo (3cm x 4, matte)
  •  HIV test Certificate
  •  medical insurance
  •  copy of enrolment contract
  •  extract from the Resolution on enrolment / entering the next year of study, or Deans certification

The Foreign Students Office staff is always happy to counsel foreign students, provide them with full information on the migration legislation of the Russian Federation and help adapting themselves to the new country.

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