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RosNOU staff participated in St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2023
Material of the future? Interview with Olga Demicheva about the use of carbon nanotubes
Russian-Iranian cooperation getting more and more effective
Pavel Demidov: To really understand Dostoevsky, I had to go to China
First trip abroad, great love and specifics of red tape in China – RosNOU’s graduate, who works for a major Chinese company, shares his story of finding a path to success.
RosNOU Rector congratulates students and staff on forthcoming New Year
RosNOU’s Rector Vladimir Zernov becomes co-head of joint ad hoc group to develop Three University Missions Ranking
The decision to set up the ad hoc group was made by the Council of the Russian Rectors’ Union and the executive committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
RosNOU and Al-Mustafa International University determine areas of cooperation
RosNOU and Al-Mustafa International University (Iran) signed a cooperation agreement.
RosNOU establishes cooperation with Chinese university
Rector of the Russian New University (RosNOU) Vladimir Zernov has signed a cooperation agreement with Shandong Vocational and Technical University of International Studies (SWUT).
About university

Russian New University (RosNOU) is one of the oldest private (non-state) educational institutions of higher professional education in Russia. It was established in 1991 with the purpose of meeting personality needs in intellectual, cultural and moral development, as well as meeting social and economic needs in highly qualified specialists. Today RosNOU is the leading non-state higher education institution in Russia. Its strategic goal and mission in the academic world is to create and implement higher vocational education programmes based on advanced achievements in science and technologies at the highest level of the best world universities.

Teaching Staff
Top 100
RosNOU is among top 100 Russian universities according to RAEX rating agency (RAEX Analytics)
96 place
in the ranking of Russian universities
58-73th place
among Russian universities in the Moscow International Ranking "The Three University Missions" (MosIUR)

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